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Office 303, 9 Boryspilska Street, 02099, P. O. Box 150, Kyiv, Ukraine.
About company

Mission, Vision, Values

Our mission

We contribute our enthusiasm, professionalism and love to save, enrich and deliver to people the essential gift of nature, milk.

Our vision

We aim to develop MLK Foods business as a universal, integrated international dairy processor with recognizable brands.

We work to win customers’ loyalty by offering “value for money” dairy products of high quality.

We remain committed to strengthen the competitive advantages of the MLK Foods business in order to create additional value for our shareholders.

Our Values

Partnership, leadership and mutual respect

We respect the values and share the aspirations of our business partners, first of all, milk suppliers.

We are in permanent contact with our partners and make sure our relations are mutually beneficial.

Product quality and safety

Product high quality and safety has always been and is among the top priorities of our Group and its every employee.

In order to assure the product quality, we have introduced quality management and safety standards based on ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP at our factories and strictly control their procedures.

For more information on product quality, refer to Food Quality and Safety Section.

Continuous innovation

We understand that competition is here, and, in order to be successful and earn the consumers’ loyalty, we are to be innovative in all areas of our business, including motivation and professional development of our people.

Long-term value creation

Long-term value creation has a central role in the Company’s corporate governance and conduct. The Company works together and with its customers, employees, shareholders and business partners in the spirit of continuous improvement, and ongoing communication, dedicating real resources to identifying and testing best practices for creating long-term value for the Company.