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Office 303, 9 Boryspilska Street, 02099, P. O. Box 150, Kyiv, Ukraine.

Products / MLK Foods

We produce essentially all range of dairy products including whole milk products, cheese, butter and different kinds of dry milk powder.

MLK Foods operates a milk processing facilities in Ukraine and sell its products in CIS, EU and third countries markets.

The Group has been actively promoting its flagman international brand Dobryana, recently introduced international brand Milkiland, as well as several regional brands.

We are strong believers that continuous improvement and innovations are the key success factors, and follow this modus operandi in product development. One of our strong differentiating points is significant offering of in-house developed products that became very popular within our consumers, for example the thermostatic fresh dairy line in Ukraine.

MLK Foods quality control starts with milk collection and continues throughout the whole chain of milk intake, processing, storage, and delivery to retail. We are proud to see that our products are highly appreciated by our consumers in different countries and continue to build up our credentials in our target markets.

Our strong reputation will reinforce in the near future, as Milkiland plans to get the permission for export our Ukraine-made dairy to EU market.


MLK Foods is one of the leading players of the CIS cheese market and exporters of Ukrainian cheese.


We offer to our consumers a wide range of dairy butter, made according to best recipes and remarkable for its delicate and sweet flavour.

Whole milk products

MLK Foods is TOP10 player in whole milk products segment of the dairy market of Ukraine.

Dry milk products

We produce our dry milk products in Ukraine and Poland and sell them to industrial customers. Those sales are representing MLK Foods B2B business.