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MLK Foods is one of the leading players of the CIS cheese market and exporters of Ukrainian cheese.

Our cheese production facilities are located in Ukraine and are able to produce over 60 thousand tons of this product annually.

With broad portfolio of cheese produced, MLK Foods always trying to properly fit the customers expectation in different markets.

We sell our cheese under Dobryana brand in the European Union and third countries markets. Our core markets are Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Poland.

Hard cheese. This is our main product in cheese segment, as Ukrainians consume hard cheese in the biggest amounts. We produce all types of hard cheese, including in-house developed original products. For example, in Ukraine we produce our flagship proprietary cheese, King Arthur, which became very popular in the local and Customs Union markets.

Specialty cheese. This group includes white mould cheeses (Camembert, Brie-type), blue mould cheeses (Roquefort-type, Duplet) and Parmesan-type. These products are relatively new to Ukraine, however, quickly gaining popularity and are the leaders in consumption growth. Milkiland is the most successful local producer of these types of cheese in Ukraine and holds the strong positions in this attractive and growing segment.

Fresh cheese. We offer to consumersseveraltypes of traditional (like brynza) and fresh cheese products (Mozzarella-type). This segment is in its early stage in CIS, but set to grow quickly, as healthy European diet is getting more appealing to local population. We plan to invest in this area and lead the segment with existing and new products.

Processed cheese.To satisfy the demand for fast consuming tasty dairy snacks,we produce several types of original processed cheese.

You can learn more about our products on the website of Milkiland Intermarket Group