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Consumer’s milk under TM “Dobryana” highly ranked by Ukrainian independent expertise center “TEST”



The consumer’s pasteurized 2.7 per cent fat milk produced by Chernihiv milk plant under TM “Dobryana” obtained the highest “Excellent” rank according to the results of the tests of dairy products had taken from the shelves of Chernihiv city shops.

The results of the tests conducted by independent expertise center “TEST” in late 2011 in Chernihiv have been announced on 24 April 2012. Only 3 of 11 tested samples were ranked as “Excellent”.

The results of the tests proved that milk under TM “Dobryana” produced by Chernihiv milk plant meets all Ukrainian and international standards of product quality and safety and, in particular, does not contain any vegetable fats, pathogenic microbial flora or antibiotics.

“The results of independent tests conducted by expertise center “TEST” have to be considered as an additional proof of a strict compliance of the produce of DE “Milkiland-Ukraine”with an international safety and product quality standards” – stated the General director of DE “Milkiland-Ukraine” Konstantine Laptsov.

All the enterprises of DE “Milkiland-Ukraine” have implemented the quality management system (ISO 9001) and food safety management system (HACCP). Therefore, the quality control is exercised at all stages – from cows’ feed to final goods production.

About company Milkiland

Milkiland Company – one of the top five largest producers of dairy products in Russia and Ukraine. The company offers a wide range of dairy products: milk, cheese, butter, meeting the daily needs of customers in healthy and tasty foods.

In Ukraine the company owns ten plants, producing dairy products which are sold nationwide under the trademarks “Dobryana” and “Kolyada”. Milkiland is also one of the leading exporters of Ukrainian dairy milk products, delivering them to more than 30 countries.

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