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Milkiland starts the reconstruction of “Ostrowia”



Milkiland plans to start the reconstruction of “Ostrowia” cheese plant facilities in November 2012.

“The main goal of the reconstruction is to adjust the production capacities of the plant in line with the requirements of Russian and Ukrainian supervisory authorities, in order to obtain an export licenses to supply cheese to these countries. We plan to finish this work and get these licenses in spring of 2013’, – commented Anatoliy Yurkevych, CEO of Milkiland N.V.

To secure the effective capacity utilization of “Ostrowia” until the end of a reconstruction, some assets for production of dry whey and curds will be leased by dairy cooperative “Spolmlek” until 31 January 2013. It leased “Ostrowia” before its acquisition by the Group.

After the finishing of the lease term, Milkiland will employ over 60 specialists, currently involved in Spolmlek’s operations in “Ostrowia”.