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Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation imposed strict customs clearance procedures for the Ukrainian goods



During the last days, Milkiland, as well as many other Ukrainian exporters, met with the unpredictable difficulties with custom’s clearance of its products supplied  to Russian Federation. Those difficulties arise since 14 August 2013 because of the decision of Federal Customs Service of Russia to impose strict customs clearance procedures for the full range of goods supplied by Ukrainian exporters.

Respective procedures, inter alia, envisage the full customs examination of each batch of the Ukrainian goods, each transport vehicle delivering them, on the Russian border.

Aforementioned situation could influence on the export of Milkiland cheese to Russia, including by delaying of supply of this product to the Russian customers of the Group.

“Taking into the account the absence of any official information from Russian authorities, we can hardly access the duration of the strict customs clearance procedures and their possible influence on the Group’s business.

Meanwhile, I hope that the good faith of the parties will prevail, the situation will be settled down soon and it will not harm a number of the Russian customers, which prefer Milkiland cheese” – commented Anatoliy Yurkevych, CEO, Milkiland N.V.