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Milkiland launched cheese cutting and slicing line at Ostankino Dairy Combine



Milkiland launched a new cutting, slicing and vacuum packing line at Ostankino Dairy Combine in order to meet the needs of Russian consumers and to win more customer loyalty to Dobryana cheese in the Russian market. The line uses modern equipment produced by internationally acknowledged tech producers BIZERBA and MULTIVAC.

The line is designed to pack different types of cheese in bars with specific weight, slices and ground. This type of package prolongs the shelf life of cheese in consumer packs due to the use of special gas filling slowing down the fat ageing.

“We are glad to treat to our Russian consumers with Dobryana cheese in a new practical and stylish package, easy to store and to use. We hope more people will choose Milkiland products all across the country now” , said Milkiland RU director Alexander Marin.

“The total Milkiland’s investments into the new line launch were about one million euro”, added Ostankino Dairy Combine CFO Alexander Shutilin.