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Milkiland B.V. Company purchases 75,23% shares of OJSC “Ostankinsky Molochny Combinat”, Moscow, and this has made an essential event in the dairy business in Russia.



25.01.2008 – “Sales Business” Magazine, Russia, published an article “Milkiland Company has Purchased Ostankinsky Molochny Combinat” in the Business News column on the main page of their web portal.

25.01.2008 – the event was covered also in the website of “Mergers & Acquisitions” Magazine, Russia.

26.01.2008 – the Russian web portal “Mutual Funds and Bank-Managed Mutual Funds. Banks. Investments in Russia” notes the business transaction as being large-scale, in the Main Page and in the page “Mergers”.

25.01.2008 – Materials published in the website of “Logistics Management LFA” Consulting Company

28.01.2008 – the event is reported also in the website of the Moscow Centre of Trademark Sales

Purchase of ODF’s shares was noted by Ukrainian mass media as well.

In particular on 25/01/2008 Commersant-Ukraine published an article about this event in the first column of the issue.

04.02.2007 – The informational and analytical business magazine “Expert-Ukraine” published an analytical materials about this event.