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Milkiland do not face noticeable problems at the Russian border



Milkiland have been informed by its contracting parties in Russia on imposition of tightened customs clearance procedures of the Ukrainian goods at the Russian border by Federal Customs Service of Russian Federation from 28 January 2014.

“Those procedures include, inter alia, 100% examination of imported goods with their reloading. Also Russian customs officers are asking for additional documents and information, including, about invoice and selling prices on the territory of Russia, origination of goods and intellectual property rights for the respective trademarks”, – commented Alexander Marin, CEO, Milkiland RU.

“Russian border was not closed, the imported goods are moving, but with some additional complexity. Customs clearance could take several days rather than several hours before”, commented CEO, Milkiland N.V. Anatoliy Yurkevych.