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October 2010
TM Dobriana products are now closer to Chernigiv

TM Dobriana milk products which are highly appreciated by many Ukrainians are now also produced by Chernigiv molokozavod, a leading milk producer in Chernigiv region and is one of the best Ukrainian milk plants.

October 2010
Milkiland presented its products in Moscow

Ukraine was presented on Zolotaya osen agricultural exhibition in Moscow with products of key food industry companies.

September 2010
New types of products Ecolin packing from TM Dobryana

Starting from today we are producing sour-milk products (kefir and yogurt) in Ecolin packaging with Dobryana brand. This packaging has a lot of advantages comparing with regular one, because its chemical characteristics are close to egg shell, s.a. they are autodestractive under the ultraviolet exposure and also safe for health and environment.

June 2010
New ice-cream from TM Dobryana

Each year we enrich our range of ice-cream with new types of this delicacy. By the beginning of this summer Milkiland launched several new types of the Muskatel with taste of white and red grapes, Fruatel – ice-cream covered with chocolate and blackberry jam inside and Karkade – frozen mixture on the basis of Hibiscus-petal tea.

May 2010
Audited Consolidated Financial Statements of the Group Milkiland Ukraine 2009 issued

Milkiland Ukraine Group, the main part of Milkilamd N.V. group issued its financial statement report for the year 2009.